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Saddle SBP889

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Brittany Pozzi (Pozzi Pro) Barrel Racer Custom saddle -

1/2 tooled Brown Vintage leather

Seat Size: 13.5"

Tooling Pattern: wicker basket with alternating studs on back skirt and cantle

Horn: Leather

Front: Tooled

Cantle: Tooled with dots 

Stirrup: Aluminum

Seat & Colour: Chocolate suede 

Skirt: Fleece

Rigging: 3 way inskirt - rear slot tooled wear leathers


Comes fully rigged with cinch and stirrups.


A little about the Pozzi Pro:

Brittany blasted onto the professional scene as a teenager in 2003 headed to her first NFR aboard a bay gelding horse named LeRoy. He wasn’t a smooth turner, and when Pozzi came to us for a special saddle, she knew what she wanted. One that would let her ride very square and “up” throughout the run. Swells that were high enough to stabilize her even on the front-endy horse, but not so wide they interfered with her legs. And a higher cantle so she could ride with two hands anywhere on the pattern and feel safe.